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Indoor Pools: Installation and Tips

By Keisha Rigby December 3, 2015 ,

Indoor swimming pools are a great addition to any property. Investing in a natatorium not only offers freedom to enjoy your pool year-round, but can transport you – and your patrons – to a luxurious oasis. Indoor pools have many uses. The area can double as a spa, personal gym, living room, or a go to […]

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Lending a Helping Hand

‘Tis the season to help others! As our Edison, New Jersey location was wrapping up their seasonal swimming pool winterizations, they decided to do something a little different with their lost and found this year. One of the local American Pool staff members recently adopted a pet from a local rescue. In a search for […]

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How to winterize your pool

How to Winterize Your Water Features

By Scott Small October 22, 2015 ,

Did you wake up to a sputtering, semi-frozen fountain this morning? Too concerned with winterizing your pool that your other water features have taken a back seat? As temperatures drop it’s essential to take special care of your water features, even the frost resistant, to preserve your outdoor landscape. Improve the longevity of your ponds, […]

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Protect Your Pool From Falling Leaves

By Scott Small October 9, 2015 , , ,

Beautiful oranges, vibrant reds, and brilliant yellows… it’s the reason why autumn is the best season of the year. Not quite cold enough for heavy jackets, but far enough removed from the sweltering heat of summer — fall draws many families out of their homes for some last minute outdoor fun before winter locks us […]

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The 2015 Dog Swim at The Greens

By Scott Small September 18, 2015

This past Saturday, American Pool took part in the 2015 Dog Swim at The Greens at Schumaker Pond in Salisbury, MD. After a wonderful summer, Schumaker Pond reached out to us to help with the event. The Dog Swim was organized as one last summer celebration before the end of the season. With the help of American Pool’s […]

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Breath Holding Dangers

Make Sure Lifeguards Know the Dangers of Breath-Holding Games

By Scott Small September 8, 2015

As kids and maybe even grown-ups, many of us challenged our friends and family members to breath-holding competitions in both the shallow and deep ends of the pool. But recent research, along with recent tragedies, reveal that these seemingly fun and innocent games can lead to a silent killer known as hypoxic blackout. Don’t assume […]

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Pool Atmosphere

Renovations to Improve Pool Atmosphere

By Scott Small August 25, 2015

Pool atmosphere matters to your patrons, and even small, simple renovations can make a real difference. If the atmosphere at your pool is lacking, now is the time to figure out what steps to take to create the inviting space you want — and your pool patrons will love. Start by talking through your options […]

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Fall Pool Renovation

What Makes Fall the Ideal Time for Pool Renovations

By Scott Small August 18, 2015

With summer winding down and the end of peak pool season just around the corner, it’s time to begin plans for winterizing. But that’s not all you can do in the off-season. In fact, fall and winter are perfect seasons for undertaking remodeling projects of any size. What advantages come from off-season renovation projects at […]

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