American Pool Partners provide resources and a strong network of professionals

American Pool works within a strong partnership network. That means we have companies that support each other and help to achieve goals that would normally not be possible with only one operation.

We believe in good business. This means well-executed customer service, honest estimating, integrity and ethical conduct. We want to bring a valuable service to our clients and their community. All of the companies we invite to become our partners share a commitment to these same values.


Specialty Pool and Fountain

Specialty Pool and Fountain is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Pool Enterprises. They are also an industry leader in pool and fountain construction. As a wholly owned subsidiary of American Pool, they use the latest technology to design and build projects in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and D.C.  Read more…



Pearl is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Pool Enterprises. They are dedicated to providing pool maintenance and renovation services (with a special focus on plastering) for residential and commercial aquatic facilities in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, and the Carolinas. Pearl works closely with their clients to create projects that meet their vision and budget goals. Read more…


Manhattan Pool and Leisure

Manhattan Pool and Leisure is a division of American Pool Enterprises that specializes in facilities management, event planning and leisure activities for your properties in the New York City area.They also provide swimming pool management, maintenance, product delivery, repair, renovation and construction. Read more…


United Work and Travel

United Work and Travel is a division of American Pool Enterprises that offers international students a chance to work and travel in the United States. Through their work with J-1 Summer Work/Travel they are able to provide temporary jobs to international students during their summer breaks. Read more…



Poolman is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Pool Enterprises. This company services 6,500 families and businesses throughout Texas, Arizona, and California. From the beginning, Poolman’s focus has been great customer service, building a committed family of employees, and installing free Salt Systems to reduce the environmental impact of their pools. Read more…



Superior Pool, Spa and Leisure LTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Pool Enterprises. They offer the best in swimming pool management, maintenance and construction services in the Greater Toronto area and Ottawa, Canada. They service swimming facilities for condominiums, apartments, hotels, health clubs, schools and community housing. Read more…


BCI Burke

BCI Burke is a manufacturer of premier play environments. We have partnered with them to offer a large catalog of modular playgrounds and recreational equipment. With 90 years of experience and a top-level warranty program, Burke ensures the quality and durability of their products. Read more…