Faced with a gloomy forecast, American Pool’s construction team uses their experience and ingenuity to finish a client’s high-priority renovation project well before opening.

Concrete sheltered from rainIn New Jersey, an American Pool renovation project was well on its way to completion. With a few unexpected requests and an important inspection on the horizon, the weather needed to cooperate. That week, Mother Nature called for rain. Fortunately, Brian Bergeski, Vice President of Construction Services of American Pool New Jersey, already had a Plan B,

“We decided to put up tents and plastic to keep the water off the concrete and debris out of the pool.  We removed concrete using the same setup.  The pool was just cope/tiled and plastered, so it was full and we couldn’t get concrete dust or debris in pool.”

With the new setup, the team was able to perform the concrete work for the new diving board bases with ease. The work area remained well protected throughout the rain showers and the job finished on time. Bergeski is very satisfied with the results and is positive about the client’s response, “…more professional than any other company we have had, you guys are neat and do what you say you’re gonna do…rain or shine.”