American Pool is one of the first to report this possible change in code that will affect New York state facilities. This change is specific to disinfectant systems and use of cyanuric acid.

New York State has banned the use of salt generation equipment, upheld its prior policy of not allowing the use of cyanuric acid in any circumstance (previously you were allowed to apply for a variance for use with salt generation or in high use liquid pools), and even took the radical step of rescinding all previous approvals for salt generation equipment.

All pools with salt chlorination systems will need to be converted back to liquid chlorine, acid or bromine, or soda ash.

New York industry officials are claiming the following:

  1. Salt generation is much less effective at generating free chlorine than traditional methods.
  2. The amount of maintenance associated with these units is too great to justify their use.
  3. Water clarity is an issue in salt pools.

According to the engineer in Rockland, they will be releasing this information in the next few weeks.