Once you’ve made the decision to get a cover for your facility’s pool – which is an important piece of pool maintenance equipment – you have to decide which one is best. There are many different types of covers, and which one is right for your pool all depends on the type of pool you have and your unique needs.

1. Safety Cover – Mesh
The mesh option is great for any size pool because it provides protection in the off season. This could mean less work for you when a big rain storm blows leaves and debris toward your pool. Mesh covers work to keep large, unwanted items out of your pool such as branches or even animals. There are different grades of mesh to choose from, so you have to decide which is right for you.

Many mesh covers are designed to carry the weight of an adult across the expanse of the cover. This makes them perfect for a community with children or pets. However, not all brands and grades of mesh covers can support the weight of humans, which is something to keep in mind if safety is a major concern. Some mesh covers can also provide shade from the sun, which stunts algae growth prior to the start of the pool season and makes for a quicker and less costly pool opening.

Mesh covers tend to cost less than a solid vinyl pool cover, and they do not require the use of a pump because they will allow water to pass through, rather than letting it collect on the top like a solid cover.

2. Safety Cover – Solid
Solid covers work to keep excess water and dirt out of the pool by acting as a barrier between the existing pool water and the water from rain or melted snow. This allows the pool to stay much cleaner, and may reduce the need for chemicals and other cleaning supplies as well as cut down on the time you spend getting the pool ready for the swimming season. These types of covers often require a system that pumps excess water from the center of the cover. These covers are ideal for smaller pools, such as a kiddie pool or spa, as they can be difficult to install on larger pools. Also, solid covers need to be maintained throughout the off season because rain and snow will collect, rather than fall through like they would on a mesh cover.

A Custom Cut
All safety covers are custom cut to the shape of a pool, so they require precise measurements to achieve an excellent fit on irregularly shaped pools. There are standard covers available, but measurement is still required. Even though a cover may help with an easier spring opening, commercial safety covers are really there to keep people out. This will reduce accident risk on your property in the off season.