Maintenance can be a problem for commercial pool management services. The sheer scale of the site alone can be daunting. The equipment, manpower and procedures that go into the upkeep only make the task more stressful. However, before you install your pool, be aware of some surprising factors that can affect pools and consequently, the level of care it may require.

Look at the elevation
One important factor that can be easily overlooked is the ground level at which your pool will stand. It may be a good idea to place the site somewhere that is equal or higher to the height of the ground around it. This can be especially important for areas that are subject to hurricane weather, as overflow may be a very real problem. Coastal locations should consider placing their pools at an elevation that will promote water flow. In addition, these locations should make sure that the proper drainage channels are implemented.

Observe the surroundings
At times, officials may look to balance the manmade look of pools by positioning it closer to more natural surroundings, such as trees or hedges. Though this may promote its aesthetics, it is important to consider the kind of wildlife you may be inviting into your watering hole. Stories of wild animals taking a dip in swimming pools are popular and may be amusing until one considers the level of maintenance that has to follow in order to keep the water safe for human swimmers.

The closer your pool is placed to the homes of wild animals, the more likely they will view the property as theirs. The concern is not limited to creatures with fur, it also includes those with exoskeletons. Bugs are more mobile and can not only introduce contaminants, but may also lead swimmers to think twice about entering the water.

Tending the garden
It’s not just the pool-specific procedures and planning that affect it. Tasks such as gardening can wreak havoc on the water. For instance, the dispersal of fertilizer for the lawn can be a serious problem. Fertilizers are high in phosphates to promote plant growth and health. If fertilizer accidentally enters the water, it becomes a great food source for algae and will ruin the water quickly.

Placing your pool in an optimal location may help lower maintenance and prevent problems that may otherwise present themselves.