CBS News recently  asked readers where their most unusual business meetings have been held. Individuals listed various strange locations and activities that provided the setting where business deals were made, including karaoke, night-fishing and hiking. Though these deals were more circumstantial, businesses are always looking for interesting places to hold meetings. Commercial pool management services are familiar with the possibility of their venues hosting large meetings, but what about providing the swimming facility as a place for business people to gather?

It’s been tried and tested

Holding business meetings outside of the office is not a new concept. The New York Times highlighted several such instances at a Miami hotel. Fans of nontraditional meeting places stated that the less formal environments provided a different atmosphere. An executive leadership coach, Anese Cavanaugh, described the benefits of meeting outside the office.

“I love getting people out of their makeup and out of their natural state,” Cavanaugh stated. “People tend to open up a lot more.”

The article cited Starwood Hotels and Resorts​’ vice president of divisional sales for North America, Betty Wilson, who noted the increased diversity in meeting locations.

“I’m increasingly seeing small groups of people wanting to get together in unusual or nontraditional spaces,” Wilson stated.

Get more out of your pool

If your organization has seen a significant decrease in poolside attendance, you may want to consider taking a new approach and offering the facility as a meeting area. This would broaden your target audience. The New York Daily News reported that the setting has an immense effect on meetings.

Depending on your facility’s design, it can provide a fun or relaxing atmosphere. Some quick reconfiguration will allow you to set the mood for the meeting. Setting up darker furniture will establish a more sophisticated feel, whereas lighter fixtures will exude more relaxation. Be sure to notify your venue’s food services to provide catering as well.

For pool managers who are willing to experiment and are looking to remodel, this could be the perfect time to reach out to pool construction services. You can look into building or expanding a deck to accommodate business meetings. In doing so, you would provide a casual setting not only for business people, but also your regular guests. It would be a project that will be sure to garner the attention of the community.