Though interactive water features are popular for outdoor pools, you can attract more interest in your indoor facility if you install some of these fun fixtures. Consider contacting pool construction services this winter to have some work done that will be sure to garner attention.

Don’t underestimate the fun factor
If you already have a commercial indoor pool, you’re probably not looking to run a full-scale water park. However, installing a few interactive features can make your site more exciting and attract more swimmers. Fixtures as simple as spray nozzles on the deck that send streams of water arching into the air can add character and fun. Adults will enjoy the serene atmosphere and ambient sounds, while children will revel in the moving water. Additionally, these relatively small additions can allow younger children to play in the water without having to step into the pool.

You can also consider a single project such as a simple water slide that children and adults will love. You’ll definitely want to consult with a professional pool contractor when considering any alternative points of entry. There will be many safety factors to consider, such as the depth where the slide will end. Likewise, a diving board can be fun, but will require an assessment by professionals to ensure pool compliance.

For an interactive feature that’s more relaxing, consider a waterfall. Though this may not be as energetic as other available water features, it will provide enough of a change for regular visitors to notice and for newcomers to take an interest. Consult with a professional contractor to figure out the specifics that will best suit your facility.

As with any changes to your pool, you’ll need to adjust maintenance procedures accordingly. Keep a close eye on the chemical balance and reach out for assistance if necessary. Additionally, you’ll want to provide enough staff members to keep an eye on swimmers and to ensure safety. Analyze your employee roster to see what you can staff before committing to an interactive feature.

The addition of a fun water feature can be great for your facility if it’s designed, constructed, maintained and staffed properly. Remember that even a small change will affect the atmosphere, so consider your options carefully and consult with professional contractors and check local code requirements before making any decisions.