The winter season is a great time to take up remodeling projects, as pool construction services will likely have more time for consultation and work. If your deck has sustained some wear and tear from the swimming season, now is a great time to change the look of your facility with a renovated pool deck.

Create an exciting environment
Before you commit to any ideas, figure out your budget and reach out to professional pool contractors to discuss the pricing of the available materials and size of your facility. Pool decks can be a great area to exercise creativity, but there are monetary limits. Forming some general ideas, such as color, will allow pool construction services to advise you on the most cost-efficient and stylish options.

Start with color
If your pool deck closely matches the basin color, you can seize this opportunity to create a stark contrast between the areas by choosing a complementary color.  Alternatively, you can create a gradient by picking a shade that’s slightly lighter than the one inside the pool. Though you can go down the other end of the gradient spectrum, remember that a darker color will retain more heat, so assess your facility’s environment before committing to a darker color. You can also explore tonal color variations with stone or slate decks, which will give your site a natural look that will make it stand out among other facilities.

Look at material
Depending on the budget, you may have a range of materials to choose from. These include concrete, brushed concrete and high-end stone. Bear in mind that commercial facilities have to follow pool compliance regulations. You’ll want to choose a type that’s slip-resistant to provide as much safety for swimmers as possible. Once you find the right material, you can discuss with pool construction services as to whether you have any design options to choose from.

Take your time
Remodeling a pool deck is a large project that requires many considerations. Taking up the renovation during the winter leaves you plenty of time to deliberate and consult with professional pool contractors. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the project running for too long, since you’ve got plenty of time before the swimming season starts again. Proper planning and careful selection of material and style will ensure that your facility will wow swimmers when they return.