Pool movie nights may be a type of event you want to start planning with your pool company before your peak season. Find the pool company that will take the extra steps to figure out a pool movie night schedule in advance. You’ll want to talk to pool maintenance professionals to help you get ready for the crowds.

Take advantage of the setting
There are a number of pools that offer pool movie nights, which provide fun settings for viewers. You can implement this creative strategy by looking into a number of films that would appeal to different audiences. You could start with family-friendly flicks and progress to other genres. There are many popular titles that are water-centric, which will help highlight your aquatic setting and the uniqueness of your venue as a silver screen.

Plan accordingly
You’ll likely have to reconfigure your facility to accommodate movie watchers. Provide plenty of lounge chairs for those who don’t want to enter the pool. There may be a large number of participants who will want to swim during viewing. As such, you’ll want to prepare water treatments, since the film will encourage bathing rather than swimming. This may be a good time to reach out to professional pool maintenance services, especially if your facility hasn’t dealt with a large number of bathers. Help decrease the amount of contaminants that may enter the water by stressing the importance of showering properly before entering the pool.

It’s essential to keep your facility’s usual lighting setup during the movie to comply with commercial regulations and keep swimmers as safe as possible. You’ll have to acquire a projector and a screen to feature the movie, which can be purchased or rented. Take your time experimenting with the position of the projector to provide optimal visual quality. If you’re renting, you may want to try out different models to see which one fits your facility the best.

Provide plenty of lifeguards to keep an eye on visitors, as children’s adult supervisors may be distracted by the film. Implement rules such as keeping young ones within arm’s reach at all times within the water. Additionally, you may want to prohibit jumping into the pool to protect viewers.

Proper planning, implementing the right precautions and working with a full-service pool company will enable your facility to host movie nights, which could boost attendance and profit this winter season.