Wintertime is one of the best seasons to consider pool remodeling projects. The decreased attendance for swimming facilities means that professional pool construction services have more time. Property managers who have been considering a renovation may want to consider renovating the pool lounge area.

Change it up
It’s important to keep swimmers happy, but if directors are considering a project that will impact others who attend their facilities, the outdoor pool lounge area is a good space to reassess. Outdoor facilities are often visited by families, which may have members who don’t swim or are too young to enter the water. It’s essential to accommodate these individuals by making the pool decks as appealing as the pool itself.

The first factor to consider before allowing your imagination run wild is the amount of space you have to work with. Pull out any blueprints you may have or head out to do some measurements. Once you know the dimensions, reach out to pool construction services to discuss your budget and design options. You’ll want to take shade into consideration. Think about having awnings or canopies placed on the deck to provide guests with protection from the sun and an area to cool off. This is a great way to incorporate more color into the site. You can take your pool basin’s color and create a gradient by choosing a color related to the tiles. Alternatively, you can create a stark contrast by opting for complementary hues.

If your outdoor facility has large steps that lead into the pool, you can expand the lounge area by placing some lounge chairs on top steps. This will allow some patrons to sunbathe while enjoying some of the water. Before doing this, you’ll want to make sure the chairs won’t corrode or rust. You may want to approach pool maintenance services to discuss which materials will be ideal for the water. Remember you’ll have to adjust your chemical treatments, since the furniture will introduce more contaminants into the water. From there, you’ll want to look for lounge chairs that suit your facility’s style.

Expanding or changing the outdoor lounge area this winter will give your facility plenty of time to prepare for the summer season. Figuring out the design with pool construction services carefully will ensure that your outdoor pool will impress swimmers when summer returns.