Pool management services know how difficult lifeguard training can be. Recreation Management magazine published an article highlighting the various complications surrounding proper training of pool staff. There are various techniques for properties to ensure their pool staff and lifeguards are properly trained.

Pool season is in full swing during the summertime, when plenty of students are looking for seasonal jobs. This is a facility’s prime hiring time, but the high volume of applicants doesn’t mean that the process will be easy. The magazine pointed out that many of the hired individuals will be young, have other summer activities and possibly a second job. As such, it’s essential for lifeguards to be certified through reputable programs. Additionally, those who are trained poolside by professionals are more likely to perform better at their jobs. Here, they can learn the ins and outs of the facility, from vacuuming, to water testing to the pump room and more.

Check in frequently
The director of aquatics at Penn State University, Tom Griffiths, Ed.D., wrote an article for Aquatics Safety Group, which suggested that pool managers check in on their facilities and the workers at frequent intervals throughout the day. He pointed out that managers had more than enough tasks to tend to on a daily basis, but that none were more important than ensuring swimmers’ safety by checking on pool staff and lifeguard behavior. He drew up a simple checklist that included proper poolside positioning, appropriate attire, systematic scanning, attentive behavior, which are essential behaviors that will help keep your facility safe.

Frequent monitoring of veteran lifeguards can ensure they stay on top of their skills and responsibilities. Additionally, new lifeguards can receive more guidance, supervision and encouragement. It’s a more hands-on approach that can help improve the work culture. Monitoring doesn’t have to be a negative experience – it can be a friendly check-up to ensure that lifeguards are fulfilling their important roles properly.

Outsource these services
If you feel that your management workload is already sufficient without having to check on lifeguards throughout the day, you may want to consider outsourcing the role to a full-service pool company that may be able to provide an assistant. This way, you’ll be able to tend to your tasks while someone else monitors your lifeguards.

Whether you choose to perform the check-ups yourself or outsource them, taking time out of your day to check on pool staff can help enhance safety measures at your facility.