A property with a larger pool has the ability to appeal to different audiences. This winter can be a great time to call in pool construction services, which can help your site expand on its uses by featuring not only a recreational pool, but also a competitive or interactive one.

Divide larger pools for different uses

Divide larger pools for different uses

Dividing the space
If your facility has a larger pool that doesn’t have any interactive features or offer competitive swimming, you could be missing out on some great opportunities. The size gives you plenty of room to incorporate a number of other swimming activities other than the recreational type. By providing a location that has it all, your location will be able to stand out.

Interactive features are a great way to encourage high-energy fun. As such, you’ll want to speak to pool construction professionals about fixtures that will fit your budget and your facility’s atmosphere. There are plenty of projects you can take on, from waterfalls to spray nozzles and many others. Assess what type of audience you would like to appeal to and discuss your options with the contractors. Alternatively, you can look for a full-service pool company, where management services can give you advice on which features to choose with your larger pool. You’ll have valuable insight from other industry experts and their construction services in one package.

Additionally or alternatively, you can have competitive swimming at your facility. This could require the installation of diving platforms, which will have to be carefully implemented to ensure safety. By doing this, you can offer your location for swim meets for schools within the neighborhood or even host large scale competitions.

Recreation Management magazine published an article on the HealthWorks Fitness Center in Arkansas, where the pool had been renovated into a multi-zoned aquatics center with a water-walking channel, competitive swim area, a lazy river, a water slide, warm-water pool and more. This project reportedly brought in record numbers for the facility, showing that sites with combined leisure and competitive features were crowd-pleasers.

Creating a multiple zones with your larger pool can draw in more swimmers. Wintertime’s a great season to reach out to a full-service pool company. Take your time deciding which features and types of activities you’d like to increase or add to your site and consult with construction, management and maintenance professionals.