Safety is a huge concern for pool companies. But are their programs and services created equal?

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5. Additionally, it’s the fifth leading cause of death among the population at large.

In residential pools, 53 percent of drowning deaths were persons aged 1 through 5. In public and community pools, 45 percent were individuals between the ages of 5 and 9, and 57 percent were those aged 10 to 14.

Protecting swimmers
Lifeguards are the first line of defense when it comes to preventing drowning accidents. However, not all lifeguards have the same degree of preparation. This is where a professional pool company with management services can help. Rather than hire temporary lifeguards, you can work with a pool company that offers training, support programs, fun incentives and a lively work culture that will keep workers coming back every year.

Certification isn’t the last step in being a lifeguard. Pool management services can provide further training with customer service development classes, assist lifeguards with daily support provided by knowledgeable supervisors and conduct safety audit programs to ensure that lifeguards are keeping their skills sharp.

Keeping swimmers safe shouldn’t be left to lifeguards. Field staff members should be available to lend a hand and keep an eye on the pool. Working with a full-service pool company will ensure that all areas of your facility are tended to, from management, to maintenance to construction.

Nowadays, many pool professionals use online systems to monitor daily maintenance, ensure lifeguard timeliness and answer any questions that patrons may have.

Lawsuits have increased in frequency and cost, so it’s essential to choose a pool company that’s not only reputable but also provides liability insurance coverage for your property.