As commercial pool management services are aware, in May 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, along with several firms, announced a voluntary drain cover recall of pool and in-ground spa drain covers. The groups recognized that covers that had been sold between December 2008 and April 2011 posed possible entrapment hazards.

Property managers and management services know that the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, which was signed by the President in December 2007, requires all public pools and spas to have compliant drain covers installed. Additionally, certain cases called for a second anti-entrapment system. Earlier this month, The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals issued a newsletter, which stated that the drain cover recall had been successfully completed.

Understand the scope
According to the CPSC recall report, there were roughly 1 million drain covers that had been sold, which had been incorrectly rated to handle water flow, due to improper testing procedures. Manufacturers realized that this could lead to entrapment hazards, so eight firms worked with the CPSC to recall the products, listing both the make and model, as well as photos of the drain covers in question.

It was noted that there had been no known injuries at the time of the recall. Now, three years later, after the successful completion of the drain cover recall, many aquatic facilities are safer and adhering to pool compliance.

Know the importance
It’s critical for pools to maintain optimal safety precautions in their facilities. There are many aspects to pool safety of which patrons may not be aware. As such, it is the responsibility of management services to ensure patron and staff safety at all times. However, legislation is always being revisited and sometimes revised, making it difficult for busy managers to monitor. In these cases, working with a professional full-service pool company can provide managers with assistance in this essential task.

Work with a company
Collaborating with a full-service company that offers management, maintenance and construction services will ensure that your managers are kept up-to-date on crucial safety news. It helps ease the burden from the shoulders of pool managers and leaves them with more time to tend to guests.

When a recall is issued or a new regulation is introduced, a full-service company can inform your facility and the maintenance services can provide the right equipment to ensure pool compliance.