Upgrades aren't just for pools - heighten family fun at splash pads

Upgrades aren’t just for pools – heighten family fun at splash pads

Property managers and pool renovation services know that pools can be constantly upgraded, from adding on recreational equipment such as water slides to installing energy saving variable speed motors. However, splash pads are just as customizable and don’t have any standing water, providing a safer environment for patrons than pools.

Splash pads have been growing in popularity in the U.S., with many communities looking for family-friendly fun in various municipal parks and neighborhoods, according to Recreation Management magazine. Implementing a splash pad on your property doesn’t have to be a one-time investment. There are many upgrades for splash pads, and the technology is constantly advancing.

Use the equipment
There are a number of ways that guests can use the interactive features. Fixtures such as spray nozzles and waterfalls can be triggered on the guest side with buttons or motion sensors. Alternatively, you can pre-program the settings and adjust accordingly. You can even control these from your smartphone, ensuring easy access and convenience.

Expand on the environment
Increase the fun at your splash pad by installing additional features, such as sound and lighting. Sound will bolster the environmental effect. You can create a rainforest, an ocean or a pirate ship. The possibilities are virtually endless when you’re programming audio. Lighting will heighten the setting as well. Additionally, you can allow patrons to visit the splash pad later in the evening. Consider light-emitting diode lights, which save energy and come in a variety of colors, allowing your site to stand out.

Consider interchangeable fixtures
You won’t have to worry about the setup getting old if you invest in interchangeable fixtures. This way, you can explore best practices and try out different layouts. You can also alter the environment season after season, ensuring that your versatile facility is always exciting.

Splash pads invite patrons of all ages to join in the fun. Create zones for different age groups so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Unlike pools, people who don’t swim won’t have to avoid the water. Think about having some staff members on-hand to supervise the fun. As splash pads grow in popularity, fixtures and features are becoming more affordable, giving more property managers access to these wonderful facilities. Reach out to a pool company that works with splash pads to discuss pricing and the timeline of your dream splash pad.