Lifeguard Olymipics and lifeguard services

Lifeguard Olymipics and lifeguard services

It’s no secret to pool management that lifeguard services are an integral part of any commercial pool. These lifesaving professionals keep swimmers safe and are the first line of defense against drowning.

There are many aspects to lifeguard duties, from supervision, to rescuing swimmers, to basic knowledge of pool compliance. Lifeguards must be constantly vigilant. Keep your lifeguards at the top of their game and remind them of how important their training is by featuring a lifeguard Olympics in your area.

Put training to use
There’s no better way to refresh training than through practice. A lifeguard Olympics may be the perfect way to ensure that lifeguards are staying sharp.

Holding a competition helps create open and friendly communication with other facilities. After all, one of the common themes of pool management is ensuring safety. What better way to celebrate this service than with a lifeguard Olympics?

Make an impression
As a commercial property manager, you have to consider the impression you leave on the community. Hosting such an event exhibits your commitment to the community’s safety. Invite area residents to spectate and cheer on the different lifeguards. It’s also an opportunity for lifeguards to show off their abilities and skills.

Furthermore, you’re creating a strong work culture that celebrates your staff members and recognizes the importance of their duties. Your lifeguards will likely work with each other to practice their techniques. This will open up more communication outlets between employees, who may not work the same hours, especially during the off season.

Preparing the venue
Advertise the competition and figure out participation fees. There may be some hesitation on charging fees, however, doing so may motivate lifeguards from other facilities to train seriously and make a commitment to attend. You can donate all or a portion of the revenue to a community charity, making it an event that benefits everyone.

If the event winds up being a hit, consider making it an annual event that the community will look forward to. Additionally, yearly gatherings will attract the attention of non-local facilities, as well, who may attend and make the competition even more interesting.