3 areas you can save money on your pool

3 areas you can save money on your pool

Aquatic facilities are one of the most expensive sites to maintain due to its size and the level of pool maintenance required to keep the venue safe. Pool costs include equipment, chemical maintenance, staffing and implementing new features and programs that keep swimmers returning every season.

Given the sheer number of expenses, it’s important for property and pool managers to be aware of areas where they can save money. Installing energy-saving pool equipment may mean a higher initial cost, but these products are investments that will pay for themselves in the long run. If you’re looking for ways to cut back on pool costs and don’t know where to begin, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Maintenance equipment: There are many pieces of equipment that are needed to keep a pool running properly, including pumps and filters. Additionally, there are products that control other essential aspects of pools, such as showers. Any one of these items present opportunities to save money. If you’re hesitant about investing in a pool maintenance product, reach out to professional pool services for further insight on what energy-saving models can do for your pool and budget. According to Recreation Management Magazine, pool restrooms and locker rooms can provide savings as well. Showers can benefit from low flow shower heads or swimmer-activated controls that expel a measured amount of water.

2. Staffing: Pool staff members are essential in ensuring the safety of pool patrons. Lifeguards and other poolside employees are the first line of defense against water-related accidents and potential health hazards. Therefore, training is in-depth and takes a lot of planning as well as many man-hours. If you find that many funds are put toward orientations, training and planning out these critical steps, outsourcing the work to a professional pool management company can save money and time.

3. Reconfigure programming: This depends on how many programs your facility offers. If there are many and you have difficulty scheduling these courses, reconfiguring the daily setup can ease pressure from instructors and potentially boost profits. Sites large enough to hold more than one class at a time can do so. Though the pool costs for the instructors will be the same, this will also open up more time for free swimming, which can drive profits.