Cut down on energy and save money with LED lights

Cut down on energy and save money with LED lights

There are many pieces of equipment that pool maintenance services have to work with. Chances are, staff members have grown used to certain models. Investing in new energy-efficient lights can help your facility save energy and money.

If you want to change the pool’s look while saving money, light-emitting diode lights are the perfect place to start. These have been available for years, helping investors increase savings.

How do LEDs work?
According to HowStuffWorks, LED lights, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, don’t use filaments. This means that LEDs will neither burn out nor become especially hot when turned on. They also last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Energy Star states that LEDs produce light through an electrical current that passes through a semiconductor material. There is a heat sink in the unit that keeps the light cool while in use.

Because of how efficiently LED lights work, they use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, making them the better investment.

How can LEDs be used in a pool?
LED lighting can be installed inside and outside the pool. Many manufacturers offer both types. As peak season returns, you may consider extending your venue’s operating hours into the evening. Installing these energy-efficient units before summer arrives will ensure that pool patrons will be able to see the new features as soon as they arrive.

1. Feature underwater lighting: If your venue continues to see many swimmers after the sun sets, underwater LED lights can be an exciting change. You can go with traditional white lights or, if safety allows, you can explore color LED lights. Check with the regional regulations to ensure pool compliance.

2. Install pool deck LED lights: On the other hand, if your patrons usually visit the pool and spend time on the deck in the evening, installing LED lighting in this area can allow them to relax and enjoy the glow of the LED lights.

Though LED lights have a higher initial cost than incandescent bulbs, they will save your facility money in the long run. Reach out to your local pool company before peak season arrives to take advantage of this great technology as soon as possible.