How to recruit the right lifeguards for peak season

How to recruit the right lifeguards for peak season

As the winter ends, pool management services are preparing for peak season. One of the most important steps in preparation that property managers have to oversee is hiring and training lifeguards.

Lifeguards are the first line of defense against drowning. Therefore, finding the people with the right mindset, personality and abilities can be difficult. Managers also have to ensure that these individuals are properly certified. Additionally, every facility takes time to get used to. If you’re feeling that you have a lot to deal with, here are some steps to start your lifeguard recruiting.

1. Advertise the positions: Let the community know you’re looking for lifeguards by advertising the positions. Post these listings in the local newspaper and on your website. Let applicants know whether they can apply online or in person. Another important note to include in the ad is the end date of which applications will be accepted. Depending on how you’d like to structure the hiring process, you can also ask for availability.

2. Sort the applications: Aquatic Leader magazine suggested that ranking the applicants will help you identify the qualified candidates. Once the ranking is complete, reach out to applicants to come in for an interview.

3. Conduct the interviews: Depending on the number of qualified applicants, hiring managers may have to set aside several days to conduct interviews. If availability wasn’t addressed during the application process, now would be the time to ask. In cases where you find that applicants’ schedules aren’t fitting with what the facility needs, let them know. If you’re really interested in having them join the team, let them know that you’ll have their information filed away and to notify you if their schedules open up in the future.

4. Make the final decisions: At this point, you’ll have a lot of information to sort through. At the same time, consider whether they will be a good fit and have the qualities that every lifeguard should have.

5. Outsource the work: Simply hiring a qualified lifeguard requires a lot of work. To save yourself from this, you can work with a pool company that offers lifeguard services. This way, you’re sure to have qualified, trained individuals closely supervised by pool professionals.