4 tips that will keep your spray pad fun for guests

4 tips that will keep your spray pad fun for guests

It’s no secret that spray pads are growing in popularity. These great sites allow visitors of all ages to enjoy aquatic fun and are easier for pool management services to maintain than traditional pools.

There are a number of features to consider when implementing a spray pad in your facility. From design to operating hours, property and pool managers may feel overwhelmed. However, here are some tips that’ll ensure that your new spray pad is a hit for years to come.

1. Implement age-specific areas: Spray pads are one of the most family-friendly aquatic sites available. It doesn’t hurt to divide up the areas according to age groups, though. Spray nozzles can be intimidating to young children, and trickling water falls may not be appealing to teenagers. This means that your new spray pad should have a range of features that cater to swimmers of different ages. This will ensure that everybody in the family is included in the fun.

2. Consider interchangeable pieces: You can keep your spray pad interesting year after year when you invest in interchangeable fixtures. One of the benefits of this is being able to establish a long-term plan. You can slowly accumulate your collection and adjust the site annually to spotlight new showerheads or spray nozzles. With these, your spray pad will always be a novel site to returning visitors.

3. Install night lighting: According to Recreation Management magazine, spray pad lighting at night is a growing trend in the aquatics industry. The sun is up for more hours during the summer. When it sets, the heat doesn’t always go with it. It’s very likely that there will be audiences who are looking to cool down during these hours, especially working professionals. Installing lighting and turning them on after dusk will mean longer operating hours. Therefore, take a look at your staff roster before committing to this idea.

4. Think about themes: A themed spray pad will likely make your site stand out among other aquatic facilities in the community. There are many ideas to choose from and selecting one can assist in the design process. If you decide to do this, consider asking community members to take a survey to figure which themes they’re most interested in seeing. Doing so will show your commitment to guest satisfaction and ensure that your new spray pad draws plenty of attention and attendance.