Target underserved audiences to establish a community presence

Target underserved audiences to establish a community presence

It’s no secret that one of the groups that pools appeal most to is families. Pool management services may have noticed that there are certain audiences that show little presence in their facilities.

Chances are, all aquatic facilities in the area cater to the core audiences by creating family-friendly spaces and offering swimming lessons for children. Recreation Management magazine pointed out that while it’s important to work with these groups, you can also make your venue stand out if you market to an underserved audience, as well.

Recognize the possibilities
The organization stated that there were several audiences that facilities can cater to, including minority groups, people with special needs and Type 2 diabetics. In relation to exercises that diabetics can benefit from, there are many other aquatic activities that can encourage healthier living.

Developing a marketing strategy that speaks directly to those who don’t often visit pools can show your facility’s commitment to serving the entire community. It’s an additional effort that will garner the attention of frequent pool patrons and the target audience, which will create a stronger sense of community within your pool.

Expanding swimming lessons to age groups other than adolescents can be the first step toward widening the target audience. Recreation Management magazine stated that family swim sessions can be a subtle way to include adults who may not know how to swim in these essential courses. Sue Nelson, a USA Swimming program training specialist in Colorado Springs, pointed out that doing so can put your venue in a unique position.

“Consider positioning your facility as one that encourages all members of the family to learn this critical life skill with a Family Learn to Swim program,” Nelson stated.

You can also introduce swimming courses geared specifically toward adults or Type 2 diabetics for a more direct approach.

Know your facility’s opportunities
Pools offer aquatic exercises that can’t be had elsewhere. It provides a safe environment that families of all backgrounds can enjoy. There are a number of methods you can take at your venue to work toward serving an otherwise underserved audience will make your facility stand out among the community.

Remind everyone of the many benefits of pools and highlight any features that make your facility stand out, whether it’s water slides or energy-efficient equipment. Underserved audiences will appreciate these features as much as frequent swimmers.