4 ways to add color to the pool atmosphere

4 ways to add color to the pool atmosphere

Though attracting more swimmers usually requires help from pool renovation services, there are small changes that you can make that will alter the facility’s atmosphere. Chances are, your commercial pool features a lot of concrete, which can be unappealing to the eye. However, Recreation Management magazine pointed out that the simple addition of plants or artwork that adds a splash of color can bring liveliness to the area.

There are many ways you can add color to your pool, from deck furniture to wall art. Choose a color palette that fits with your facility’s style and community and invest in pieces that show off the hues. Don’t be afraid to explore different shades, since doing so can enhance the aesthetics.

1. Go green with plants
The Summit Community Pool in New Jersey was featured in Recreation Management magazine for its incorporation of plants, which brought nature’s beauty to the manmade site. Caring for these plants close to the pool may be risky, since organic materials may enter the pool, increasing the likelihood of phosphate growth. Therefore, layout will be important. If you’re uncomfortable with the level of pool maintenance that would have to go into implementing plants around the pool, think about featuring greenery a little further away from the pool, at the entrance or the shaded rest area.

2. Reassess the furniture
If your pool furniture is looking worse for wear, this could be the perfect time to invest in new pieces. Look into chairs and tables in bright colors that families will love. Furthermore, the umbrellas can be revisited. Provide patrons with ample protection from UV rays with over-sized umbrellas. Make sure the patio area features a cohesive color palette that complements the pool to create a visually seamless site.

3. Look at the fencing
Though enclosures are designed to keep trespassers from getting inside after hours, they don’t have to feature dark colors. A run-of-the-mill chain link fence has an industrial feel and may be doing your facility a disservice. Instead, balance the features in an enclosure. Keep trespassers at bay with the fence, but don’t let  it to take away from the welcoming atmosphere. You can do this by erecting a fence that features a fun color. It’ll still protect your site from after-hour swimmers, but give pool patrons a bright and fun environment in which to enjoy themselves.