Separate control systems will appeal to different audiences

Separate control systems will appeal to different audiences

If you have a large pool and are looking to attract different target audiences, it may be time to call in pool construction services. Splitting a pool and creating separate pool control systems for each one will allow your facility to hold multiple activities at once, making your site a multi-use, diverse pool that will attract community members.

This can be especially beneficial if you host a number of successful and popular programs. If you have physical therapy sessions in the morning, and have open swim hours in the afternoon, why not hold both activities at the same time by dividing the pool in two?

Take advantage of multi-usage
Therapy pools run at a warmer temperatures than leisure pools, so holding sessions can be difficult if the temperature has to fluctuate throughout the day. Recreation Management magazine pointed out that separate systems can allow facilities to set different temperatures at the same time, and lower certain equipment power outputs depending on activity levels.

If a therapy pool is seeing more use during the morning hours than the leisure pool, a variable speed pump can be adjusted accordingly for the lower traffic pool. This will save energy and money without sacrificing the quality of whatever activity is taking place in the other pool.

Figure out the demand
Before you reach out to construction services to discuss your design, figure out which activities are in highest demand at your facility. Apartment or condo pool managers should speak to residents, clubs and gyms can survey members and public pools can consult with community members.

Conduct further research on your own, assess the patrons and decide what kind of activities would best fit their lifestyles. If there’s a large senior population, or if there is a well-known hospital nearby, a therapy pool could be beneficial for your facility. Grade schools with swim teams and no pool may appreciate a competition pool.

You can also work with your local pool company to find out what other pools in the area feature and draw inspiration from there. Pool companies have more experience with different facilities and may be able to provide you with further insight.

Reaching out to construction services during off-season will give you plenty of time to consult with professionals and plan out the project, which may be able to be completed prior to peak season.