3 reasons to outsource your pool repainting

3 reasons to outsource your pool repainting

Now that the season is starting up again, it may be time for a pool construction project that’ll draw interest and spruce up your pool’s overall aesthetic. Consider repainting the pool for a change that’ll impress new and returning swimmers.

Commercial pools don’t have as many options for pool resurfacing as residential pools, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn heads. Repainting is fine when the old surface is pristine and needs basic work but when the pool has inconsistencies in the surface, you need to understand the challenges. Therefore, outsourcing the job to a pool company can ensure that the pool will be ready in time for peak season.

Recognize the challenges
Repainting the pool may require removing the original coat, sandblasting the surface and applying new paint. Sandblasting is required when approximately 40 percent or more of the pool surface area is pitted or peeling. It may seem simple, but consider the difficulties of ensuring that the pool is properly stripped in order for the paint to adhere properly.

Unless there are employees on-site who have experience with pool repainting, it’s a project that’s better left to professionals. Here are three reasons why you should outsource this work.

1. Guaranteed proper completion: Pools hold standing water and are exposed to many chemicals. If preparation of the pool surface isn’t done properly, the pool can be compromised, which can lead to an unplanned closing during peak season. Pool construction services know the ins and outs of these projects. You can be rest assured knowing that the work will be completed according to regulation, ensuring safety for your staff members and swimmers.

2. Have access to the right equipment: You likely don’t have a sandblaster on-site. Working with this piece of equipment also requires safety gear that you probably don’t own. Kelly Technical Coatings pointed out that other items are essential to the sandblasting process, including a compressor, blast pots, hoses and nozzles. Water blasting has been the method of choice due to the absence of dust and debris removal. Pool construction services will have access to all of these things and the expertise required to use them.

3. A firm timeline: Taking on a new task can result in unforeseen problems. If your team were to tackle repainting on its own, they may run into issues that they don’t know how to resolve. This will lead to collaboration with a pool company, which can prolong the project. Outsourcing repainting from the beginning will save you from this headache.

If you’re interested in repainting your pool this season, reach out to your local pool company to discuss pricing and timelines.