Pool design: 3 tips for choosing pool deck umbrellas

Pool design: 3 tips for choosing pool deck umbrellas

The days have gotten longer, which means it’s time for pool management to reconsider the facility’s shaded areas. After all, optimizing safety means tending to the entire site.

As enjoyable as the sun’s rays are, they can also be harmful if people are overexposed to them. Therefore, it’s vital to provide sun protection with deck umbrellas and other shaded areas. This gives families a safe place to stay in when taking a break from swimming.

Consider the effects
Deck umbrellas aren’t just functional – they also provide the perfect opportunity to bring some flair to your pool’s design. They’re large structures that can be seen from a distance, which has a huge influence on the overall atmosphere of your facility.

Though all decisions regarding the pool should be carefully considered for technical needs, there’s more room for creativity when it comes to deck umbrellas. Make your selections carefully because these fixtures will likely stay on your site for years. If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are three tips.

1. Choose the right color: One quick way to make your pool look new without having to touch the basin is to select a different color for the deck umbrellas. It may be tempting to choose an entirely different hue that isn’t featured on your site already. However, before committing to this, think about the facility’s cohesiveness. The visual appeal will flow better if you select something that’s a shade lighter or darker than the colors already in the pool.

2. Consider the size: Speak to your lifeguards about whether the pool umbrellas have been providing ample shade for patrons. This project presents the perfect opportunity to expand the size of your umbrellas, allowing more families to stay cool and safe. Increasing the size of the umbrellas may also require investing in a few more tables and chairs.

3. Look at shapes: You don’t have to stick to the traditional umbrella shape if you’re looking to make your pool stand out. There are many manufacturers that produce deck shading fixtures in a variety of shapes. If your budget is large enough, you can even order custom pool designs. Assess your clientele and consider whether they’d enjoy a traditional look or a modern one.

Finding the right balance between form and function doesn’t have to be challenging if you know what your patrons want. If there’s time to do so, taking a community poll can ensure that you get all the details just right.