Pool design: 5 interactive features to consider

Pool design: 5 interactive features to consider

Pools around the country are gearing up for the return of peak season. As property directors know, swimmers want a higher level of interaction at pools. Therefore, it may be time for pool management to look into installing interactive features in order to keep up with swimmer demands.

Though pools won’t have as many features as waterparks, they’ll always be more cost-efficient for families. Pools offer unique aquatic opportunities for swimmers, and incorporating interactive elements can boost consumer interest, especially as waterparks continue to gain popularity. Instead of only offering recreational swimming, you can reconfigure your site to be a happy medium between a typical pool and a waterpark.

Consider the level of work
Installing a new fixture means additional maintenance, so consider the type of work that’ll be needed to keep the equipment in top shape before investing in it. If maintenance technicians can handle a larger workload, then fixtures that require more attention such as spray nozzles or climbing walls may be a possibility. On the other hand, if they’re hard-pressed for time, items such as water slides may be preferable.

The types and number of fixtures that you’ll be able to add depends on your budget and the size of your facility. If they’re both modest, a new interactive feature can be the perfect opportunity to make your pool stand out from others.

If you’re unsure of which fixtures to look into, here are five to consider.

  1. Water slides: For swimmers of all ages, there’s nothing quite as exciting as sliding into the water. These come in many shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that best suits your facility. They’re relatively large fixtures, so take this chance to incorporate a bright new color into your site. If you’re unsure of which model is the best or where it should be placed, reach out to your local pool company to discuss the measurements to ensure pool compliance.
  2. Climbing walls: These have gained a lot of interest lately, and while they’re full of fun and excitement, they also require a lot of supervision to ensure safety. This is an investment that should be carefully considered prior to installation, but one that can pay off because of its novelty. Check your local regulations first to make sure that your pool is allowed to install these fixtures.
  3. Spray nozzles: Maintenance technicians may have to check on these every now and then, but it’s a wonderful way to bring fun to children of all ages. Unlike water slides and climbing walls, spray nozzles can be enjoyed by young children and the elderly. They go beyond function, as well. Nozzles that spray water into the pool create a relaxing atmosphere that adults will enjoy.
  4. Diving Boards: You can bring some old-fashioned charm to your pool by installing one of these. If you choose to do so, line the ground around the diving board with padding to keep swimmers safe in case they fall off.
  5. Waterfalls: Interactive features don’t have to boast high-octane fun to be exciting. Waterfalls can be enjoyed by children and their parents. They can be fun for young swimmers and relaxing for older ones.

Speak with your local pool company to figure out what types of fixtures are popular in your area and consider whether you’d like to install one of those or introduce a new one to the community. Once installed, go over regulations with pool safety consultants to ensure compliance.