Pool design: 3 tips for repainting your pool's fixtures

Pool design: 3 tips for repainting your pool’s fixtures

Spring may only be beginning, but summer isn’t far off. Pool management has to find and recruit lifeguards while maintenance technicians get the pool ready for peak season.

In the midst of all the planning and work, property managers also have to worry about the best ways to attract swimmers. The first idea may be to install new interactive features, but if time and budget are concerns, these projects may not be viable. So how do you guarantee that your pool will look its best without having to invest too much time and money?

Simple projects can bring big changes
If your fixtures are structurally sound but have seen better days, making your facility look brand new and exciting can be a matter of touching up the surfaces, according to Recreation Management magazine. This relatively simple project likely won’t cost as much as installing a new feature and will definitely be cheaper than renovating the site. If you don’t know where to begin with this project, take a look at these three pool design tips to get started.

1. Decide on the scale: Figure out how large of a project this is going to be depending on how much time and manpower you have. Think about the changes that you’d like to see ideally and figure out if this is a realistic goal. If not, figure out which parts of the pool need the most attention and limit the work to those fixtures. In instances where you have more time and many people, you can repaint the water slides, lockers and even create a new mural if there are artists within the staff.

2. Figure out the color palette: If your facility has an overall neutral color palette, take this opportunity to jazz things up with bright hues. You can go in any direction with this – do you want to expand on the overall atmosphere of the pool and stick with cool shades that provide a relaxing environment or do you want to embrace the summer weather and dazzle swimmers with warm colors? You can also do a combination, giving you the best of both worlds.

3. Consider a theme: Make your pool stand out by creating a theme with the new paint job. This can be representational – pirates or a jungle. Alternatively, it can be abstract and simple. You can simply create a strong color theme that gives the pool a new appearance. Stick with these hues in your signs and marketing to ensure cohesiveness in overall pool design.