4 tips for perfecting your pool furnishings

4 tips for perfecting your pool furnishings

Now that spring is in full swing, chances are that your pool has been reopened, checked for pool compliance and primed for peak season. But before you open your doors to swimmers, consider whether you need to change the site’s furnishings.

Every aspect of your pool has to be taken into account, including the chairs, tables, umbrellas and other poolside amenities. Whether they could use a new coat of paint or have seen some serious wear and tear and need replacing, doing this as soon as possible will ensure that all your visitors – swimmers and non-swimmers – can enjoy a day at your facility.

Ensure fun for everyone
Families make up one of the largest demographic groups that visit pools frequently. Parents bring children of all ages – some may be too young to swim. Additionally, there are adults who may not be able to swim, either. Therefore, poolside furnishings are important in making sure that these individuals have as much fun as their friends and family members in the pool. Here are some tips to consider in your pool furnishing design.

1. Use a new coat of paint: If your chairs and tables are structurally sound but have seen better days in terms of aesthetics, simply putting on a new coat of paint can make the furnishings look great again. This has the added bonus of being more affordable than if you had to replace the furniture entirely. Take this opportunity to feature a bright new color in your facility that ties in with the overall design.

2. Replace worn-down items: Sometimes, things are beyond salvaging. In these cases, your only option is to purchase new ones. If your budget allows it, consider a higher initial cost for furnishings that will last longer. This can save you from having the same headache a few years down the road.

3. Think about expanding: Speak to lifeguards about whether guests had enough seating last summer. You may find that although you don’t need to touch up or replace anything, you might have to buy additional benches or chairs.

4. Look into shading: Umbrellas are essential to the pool deck. They serve a form and function by adding bursts of color to the site and keep visitors cool and safe from the sun’s harmful rays. If you add more seating options, you should also have extra umbrellas installed.