2 benefits of hosting free events at your fitness club pool

2 benefits of hosting free events at your fitness club pool

Operating a pool presents many challenges to property directors. Maintaining a pool costs a lot of money and has an important impact on the community.

Sometimes, the division between the two can make it difficult to find a happy medium. Privately owned pools may not have revenue outside of patron attendance. However, fitness club pool management has more opportunities to host free events, which can strengthen their presence as a venue for community gatherings.

Embrace the benefits of aquatic facilities
Your pool offers patrons unique aquatic experiences. It’s the perfect place for people to enjoy swimming without having to deal with the unpredictable weather conditions that happen in natural bodies of water. With proper safety precautions in place, parents can relax knowing that their children are learning the essential life skill of swimming with little danger.

Though swimming lessons are a staple of pool operations, there are many other recreational opportunities and events that fitness club pools can feature. Aquatics International featured the Pierson Road Branch YMCA in Flint, Michigan, noting their community efforts. The pool hosted a cardboard boat contest for a local high school, featured swimming lessons for underprivileged kids and more.

If you’re considering hosting community events but aren’t sure of all the benefits they may have, consider these two.

1. Show your commitment: As an aquatics facility, your venue has a special presence in the area. It’s a place for family-friendly fun. People from all over the community are expected and welcome to meet their neighbors and enjoy the day together.

2. Support education: School projects, such as the one with cardboard boats at the Pierson Road Branch YMCA, are a fun way to teach children about physics. Offering up your facility for these events can allow area teachers to design more interactive and unique assignments that students will appreciate.

Operating a pool doesn’t have to be just a matter of scheduling run-of-the-mill programs and free swim hours. It’s also a chance for your fitness club pool to invite all members of the community to your venue to have fun and learn.