2 ways to make your spray pad more exciting

2 ways to make your spray pad more exciting

Spray pads are plenty interactive and have been known to draw people of all ages if designed properly. It provides everyone with a safe, engaging aquatic environment to enjoy during the hot summer months.

It’s no secret that spray pads have been growing in popularity in the past few years. By having one at your facility, you’re already attracting a wider audience than you would with just your pool. After all, there’s only so much that non-swimmers can do at a pool. However, if it’s been a long time since your spray pad has been remodeled, it may be time to call in pool construction services.

Feature more fun
There’s no such thing as too many features when it comes to a spray pad. Working with pool construction professionals who have experience with spray pads can give you access to industry experts who have seen plenty of these attractions. They may be able to offer suggestions that you hadn’t considered. Here are two features to think about while you research companies.

1. Incorporate all age groups: If your spray pad doesn’t already do so, including areas for visitors of all ages is best practice. There should be an area with gentle water flow that seniors and infants can enjoy, an interactive space for older children and another area that promotes teamwork and socialization. Unsure whether your current setup has all of these? Speak to pool construction experts.

2. Install LED lights: During the summer, the temperatures often don’t go down with the sun. Allow members of the community to stay cool by keeping your spray pad open later. Of course, you should still shut down your pool at its normal hours. Installing light-emitting diode lights in and around your spray pad will allow visitors to see where they’re going. If you select colored lights, you can even program them to cycle or change constantly.

When the work finishes on your spray pad, make sure the new amenities don’t go unnoticed by regular visitors and newcomers alike by posting about them on your website and social media page. This will draw in more people, and from there, you can bet that word of mouth will help market your spray pad.