5 ways to prepare your pool for hurricane season

5 ways to prepare your pool for hurricane season

For commercial pool management services along the coast, hurricane season can transform a fun recreational spot into a potential hazard. It is critical for staff to prepare for hurricane weather, ensuring guests’ safety as well as the structural integrity of the pool.

1. Do not empty the pool
Though hurricane weather will quickly raise the water levels, never empty the pool. Keeping water inside will provide the crucial weight that is needed to hold up not only the walls, but the entire structure itself during the high winds. Florida’s Orlando Sentinel recommends you drain two feet of water from the pool to allow for rain to fill. Prepare for the potential of the pool to overfill and determine how well your commercial pool deck drains water. Run a garden hose over the deck and clear any obstructions that may inhibit the flow. This will ensure that your deck won’t be waterlogged and suffer any structural damage.

2. Assess your pool cover
If you have a pool cover that is kept in place with water tubes or weights, do not put them on as they can quickly become sails in high wind conditions. If you have a safety pool cover, do put it on, as they are designed to hold through storms.

3. Shock your pool
Before the storm arrives, pour in a large amount of chlorine to administer a shock to the water. This way, if any debris falls into the water during the storm, the water will be better protected against possible contamination.

4. Clear the deck
It is essential to remove any furniture or toys from the pool deck, as these can and will become projectiles during high winds, creating safety concerns not only for guests, but also for the property. Strong winds precede hurricanes, so close up pool umbrellas as soon as possible and store them safely inside the building. Be sure to remove skimmer lids as well, since they’re liable to become projectiles.

5. Turn off all electronics
Switch off the filter system to ensure that the motor will not fry if the unit becomes waterlogged. Do not empty the system, as the extra weight will help the unit stay in place.

Oncoming hurricanes can be a great concern for commercial pool managers, who have many safety, structural and property concerns. If a hurricane preparation plan is implemented and quickly and safely carried out, both staff and guests can ride out the storm with a peace of mind.