Spice up your pool with water features and jets

Spice up your pool with water features and jets

Everybody enjoys cooling themselves off after a long day in the summer sun, but there are steps pool management can take to ensure that their pools are the most popular ones around. Maintaining a safe balance of chemicals in the water and enforcing all safety rules will keep your patrons focused on having fun, but creating a great pool means taking some chances on exciting features and amenities.

Whether you run a large community pool or a private facility, a water feature, slide or lighting system can put your pool over the edge with patrons. If pool management can provide swimmers with more than just a chance to cool off, they’ll come back to your facility to enjoy themselves again and again.

Add beauty with a water feature
If you’ve ever thought that your pool could use a little more action, a water feature may be just the thing. SwimmingPool.com explained that while most people might think that these fixtures only come in basic waterfall configurations, there are actually dozens of options to choose from.

Depending on the size of the pool, you may want to decide between a regular waterfall, a sheetfall or a spillway. Most patrons are able to recognize a waterfall when they see one, but they may be impressed by the rarer sheetfall design. This options sends a cascade of water straight down in a sheet, like its name. The sight of shimmering water from sheetfalls can improve the aesthetic appeal of your pool and keep patrons there for longer.

Smaller pools may not be able to house large-scale sheetfalls or waterfalls, but spillways can be customized to fit any configuration. Essentially a low-powered sheetfall, spillways allow water to gently fall from a high area to a low one. While spillways may not be as visually impressive as waterfalls or sheetfalls, spillways can be built into fixtures around the edge of the pool to create a distinctive look. Alternatively, pool managers can place spillways into light fixtures or poolside structures so patrons hear the sound of rushing water wherever they are.

Water jets look and feel great
While the peaceful surface of an untouched pool may be beautiful, many patrons enjoy the sight of running water. Add a system of jets to your pool to create a new dimension for swimmers.

Deck jets shoot a stream of water from above the surface of the pool. This creates the effect of motion for your patrons, and these jets can be illuminated with fiber optics or other lighting solutions to add even more energy to the setup.

You can also place pressure jets under the water for patrons to use. Most commonly found in hot tubs, these can also be used in regular pools. With alternating jets of compressed water, patrons can work out muscle aches and other pains. While this may not be a feasible design in community pools with large crowds, swimmers in smaller pools will appreciate new pressure jets.