Renovations to Improve Pool Atmosphere

Renovations to Improve Pool Atmosphere

Pool atmosphere matters to your patrons, and even small, simple renovations can make a real difference. If the atmosphere at your pool is lacking, now is the time to figure out what steps to take to create the inviting space you want — and your pool patrons will love. Start by talking through your options with a with a pool construction and management company, and read on for insight on how to dramatically improve the atmosphere at your pool without making drastic structural changes.

Start with cosmetic changes
Survey your pool’s tiles and coping. Do you notice cracks and staining? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. Investigate different options for materials, and think about choosing something new that will refresh the look of your pool. Don’t forget to take a close look inside the pool. Does it need to be resurfaced with a new coat of plaster? As with the coping and tile, consider instituting a color shift, something that is different enough to be noticeable but still light enough to enable your safety personnel to scan the bottom.

Consider adding water features
If your budget allows you to go larger scale and implement something more dramatic during your renovation, there are many exciting options to consider. Waterfalls, fountain features, and water slides will definitely prove popular with swimmers. Or you could investigate the possibility of installing a hot tub area. Likewise, you can take nighttime swimming to an entirely new level by installing the latest in underwater lighting. This renovation alone can transform your pool into a more adult-oriented relaxation area in the evenings, opening up a variety of new opportunities for night events. And if you use LED lights, you can even cut costs over time.

Look beyond the pool
Don’t just focus on the swimming experience as you explore renovation options. Many swimmers spend as much or more time on the pool deck as they do in the water. You can improve the sunbathing experience by raising the entry step into the pool and extending it into a larger platform. If you place deck chairs on the enlarged platform, you’ll give tanners the opportunity to enjoy the sun and the water at the same time.

Also take a survey of the pool grounds. Would swimmers benefit from increased shade? Fall is an ideal time to plant new shrubs and trees, which will take root and provide cool shelter by next summer. Or consider creating a new pavilion area to provide sanctuary from the sun, while also serving as a popular spot for parties and other gatherings next pool season.

Think, too, about adding a playground — a real draw for today’s kids and families, who appreciate places to play and burn off energy both in and out of the water. Playgrounds come in all shapes and sizes, from large modular versions to classic swing sets. Features like picnic tables, bike racks, and grills also make nice additions and allow your patrons to do more than just swim outdoors.

Keep in mind that any renovations you undertake could end up affecting your staffing needs next spring. Additional water features might mean the need for more lifeguards, or you may need to hire a new activities director if your nighttime and weekend activities really take off once your new facilities are in place.

If you’d like to explore options for improving the atmosphere at your pool, whether through renovations large or small, it’s wise to tap into the expertise of a professional pool construction and management company, like American Pool. Get in touch to start a conversation about your needs.