The 2015 Dog Swim at The Greens This past Saturday, American Pool took part in the 2015 Dog Swim at The Greens at Schumaker Pond in Salisbury, MD.

After a wonderful summer, Schumaker Pond reached out to us to help with the event. The Dog Swim was organized as one last summer celebration before the end of the season. With the help of American Pool’s staff, our Guard For Life lifeguard Alex Putkowski (see interview her below), the community’s most prominent members and their owner’s were invited to enjoy a cool and relaxing day poolside.

American Pool dog swim

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The staff kept the party-goers entertained with a fun-filled day. Popular activities included chase the tail, dress-up and once in the pool, capture the tennis ball. By the end of the event, each pup left with tongues flabbing, tails wagging, and goodie bags full of sweet treats and toys for the walk home.

Lifeguard Spotlight with Alex P.

After the Dog Swim we took the time to catch up with American Pool Resort lifeguard Alexandra Putkowski. Alex did a great job to make the event fun and safe for all dogs and people involved. We had to know more about her.

Guard For Life lifeguard Alex

Guard For Life lifeguard Alex


Years of Experience: 3 yrs and counting
Attending : Salisbury University
Year: Freshman


Why lifeguarding?
I became a lifeguard because as a child my parents took me to the pool every summer night after they got off work so it was always a fun place to be. I didn’t want to have a boring job and being someone little kids look up to (literally and figuratively) seemed pretty good.

Why Guard for Life?
[Guard For Life] employed the guards at my community pool and that’s where I originally wanted to guard when I first started.

Tell us your most memorable experience as a guard.
My most memorable experience as a guard was at Shipley’s Choice Swim and Tennis Club during 4th of July. It was so crowded… I had never seen that many people at a pool before. Luckily, with my training, I was able to handle the pressure and make sure everyone had a fun and safe swim!

What would you tell a rookie lifeguard?
…the benefits of working more hours or picking up shifts. It may seem like a lot of work but it’s definitely rewarding.

Tell us a little about your dog?
I have a dog back home who is a terrier mix and weighs about 10 lbs. He is the perfect cuddle buddy and thinks he’s a human baby, not a puppy. Whenever I hold him I have to hold him as I would an infant, you know, on my hip. He knows what hugs and kisses mean!