How to winterize your poolDid you wake up to a sputtering, semi-frozen fountain this morning? Too concerned with winterizing your pool that your other water features have taken a back seat?

As temperatures drop it’s essential to take special care of your water features, even the frost resistant, to preserve your outdoor landscape. Improve the longevity of your ponds, waterfalls, and fountains by giving them the attention they deserve. Winterize now  to avoid a nightmare later.

Follow our 5 easy steps for cold weather maintenance:


1. Remove Debris

Before prepping your feature for winter, take the time to skim the surface of the water. Skimming fallen leaves out of the way makes the rest of the process much easier.

2. Drain

Draining water is one of the most important steps. Although many outdoor water features are made to withstand cold temperatures, it is vital that the water is removed, especially during freezing temperatures to avoid cracks caused by the expansion and contraction of frozen water.

3. Remove Pump

In addition to  causing cracks in the base of water features, frozen water can cause cracks in water pumps. To avoid having to buy a brand new pump come spring, remove, clean, and store pumps, along with additional tubing, indoors for the winter. The pump should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent build up.


4. Clean

Winter is downtime for your water feature, during this period of inactivity, giving your fountain a proper cleaning can prevent bacteria from growing and flourishing while it’s not in use. Getting every nook and cranny free of algae, dirt, and other debris now, will save you energy when it’s time to debut your water feature next year.


5. Cover

Purchasing a UV stabilized and waterproof cover, provides added protection from the elements. Offered in a wide range of sizes, a quality cover protects your water feature from moisture that could get inside the base and later freeze.


– Important to Remember –

All water features are different, based on size, material, and structure. Preparation may vary. To ensure that you are properly winterizing your pond, waterfall, or fountain for harsh winter temperatures, contact an American Pool specialist