American Pool was founded in 1984 and has since grown to become the largest commercial swimming pool management, maintenance, construction and recreational facility management operation in the United States. For over 30 years we have provided top notch construction, repair, and maintenance experience to our customers.

One aspect of our company you may be unfamiliar with is our lifeguard management program, Guard for Life. Guard for Life was created as a lifeguard recruitment program under American Pool and has since grown into a national program for lifeguards with over 7,000 guards hired each season.

Through this program, we’ve built an exciting lifeguard culture centered on safety, empowerment, community and fun. Our program provides a simple conduit to American Red Cross Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR/AED training to make sure our lifeguards have top of the line knowledge and skills to address the needs of your community pools and patrons. Guard for Life offers thousands of seasonal jobs all across the country, manning each facility with responsibly trained lifeguards for any time of year, summer, winter, spring or fall.

Recruiting a responsible team of lifeguards requires a love for aquatics, experience and marketing resources. Over the years we have perfected how we communicate and engage with our targeted demographic. By utilizing social media and other like platforms, we are able to engage and maintain the attention of a younger generation and welcome them to the Guard for Life community. We organize friendly competitions, provide hiring bonuses, and always promote lifeguarding as one of the most important jobs a young person can hold. Guard for Life not only provides excellent pool management to our clients, it also motivates our lifeguards to work hard, and be rescue ready at all times.

American Pool is proud of the work that Guard for Life has accomplished over the years. No one else in the country trains more lifeguards than we do! In selecting American Pool you are also joining our Guard for Life family. We will make sure your facility always has the best and most responsible lifeguards on hand, along with secure management advice and reliable customer service.

As always, we are working hard to improve our services and keep our high standards of service and customer care. Contact us today to learn more about Guard for Life and how American Pool continues to innovate and deliver the best poolside experience to your community.