While many of us are still focused on the hot summer heat, BBQ’s with family and friends, and pool time, winter is creeping up on us fast. Let American Pool help you get a head start on prepping your pool and pool cover for the off-season before everyone else does. The earlier you prepare, the easier it will be to open your pool quicker and earlier next season!

TJ Moreland, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Merlin Industries, recommends prepping your cover for next winter as early as the day you open your pool. “We recommend that the best time to investigate a new safety cover is when the pool gets opened for the season. This provides plenty of time to get the new cover before it is actually needed and allows you to take advantage of any early buy discounts available.”

While it may be a little late this season as pools are already open, the earlier you check your covers the better. As an added benefit many companies offer special incentives to buy early. During the fall it becomes a mad rush to pool cover companies, and you may be stuck waiting much longer than you’d like to close your pool. There are only so many hands each company has, and you may be stuck in the back of the closing line with debris piling into your pool every day!

Leave it to the Professionals

When it comes to closing, we usually say it’s better left to the professionals. There are some complicated parts of the pool filter equipment and pool lines that can be tricky to get right. However, we do understand that some pool owners are capable and would prefer to do it themselves. Moreland tells customers wanting to close their pool themselves, “…remember that balanced water chemistry, properly drained and winterized systems/lines, winterizing chemical treatments and a good Safety Cover will avoid a springtime pool opening nightmare.”

Finding the right cover for your pool is an important task, and we always recommend a professional showing you the correct options for your style and size pool. Positioning your new cover is just as important as finding the right one. Each cover has their own needs depending on whether it is solid or mesh, and sizing as well.

Moreland tells us a good rule of thumb is that solid covers should be adjusted so the spring coils are compressed about 75%, with mesh recommended at 50%. Good spring support absorbs the added weight of snow or debris that lands on the pool cover. A properly designed pool cover will work around any special features and fit snuggly where it needs to. Be careful of the water fill level, while covered it should be no less than 18” below the pool deck.

Protect Your Cover

One mistake many pool owners make is forgetting about their pool once it’s covered. Covered pools are still vulnerable to damage caused by extreme weather or wildlife. Moreland says, con“Care should be taken to periodically check the water level in the pool and the condition of the cover. Premature wear of the cover on the pool edge can happen in high wind areas or areas that receive a lot of rain or snow during the winter. Noticing the start of this wear gives you the time to react and add a special padding designed to stop the cover from wearing.” Professional cover companies like Merlin can create and design special padding to prevent damage and wear on your cover, helping your cover live far past its 10-year life expectancy.

We know it can be hard thinking about the cold weather ahead, but the better we prepare for it now the easier it will be! Contact us today to schedule a pool and pool cover inspection before the leaves begin to fall!