4 causes of algae outbreaks

Summer algae outbreaks are every pool owner’s nightmare. Without proper care and maintenance, swimming pools and spas (especially ones in high demand over the summer), are prone to some form of algae. When it comes to mitigating algae growth, understanding what it thrives on is the first step in taking control over your pool’s health. Keep your eye out for these top 4 causes of algae outbreaks as we head into the end of the season:

Summer Storms

Algae loves nitrogen, it thrives on it! During summer months, large storms with a little help from high temperatures become big nitrogen contributors in pools. In short, the nitrogen in the air comes in contact with raindrops, converts it to nitric acid, then makes its way into the pool.

Pool Parties

We all know when it comes to summer, the number one destination on everyone’s mind is the closest pool. Pool parties and events are a common occurrence, but having a higher than average amount of people flocking to the pool can quickly lead to dissipating chlorine levels and fast algae growth. Pools packed with swimmers bring all sorts of nasty elements: dirt, bacteria, sunscreen, you name it. This can all throw off your well-balanced pool and turn it into a breeding ground for algae.


TThe two most common ingredients in fertilizer are nitrogen and phosphorus, designed to supply your plants with the nutrients it needs. While this can guarantee a gorgeous green landscape for you and your patrons to admire, it also guarantees a food source for hungry algae if any remnants of the fertilizer makes it into the water.

Lack of Filtration & Circulation

Maintenance is key when it comes to combating algae, but a faulty filtration system could make any action against an outbreak an uphill battle. Filtration systems circulate the water and clear it of any debris and bacteria, dispersing any stagnant water algae likes to call home. The healthiest pool filters its water a minimum of six to eight hours a day with return jets located in and around the pool to prevent stagnant water.


Dealing with a summer swamp of your own?

Our pool professionals at American Pool can handle all your pool needs including cleaning up algae outbreaks. Take a look at some of the treatments we offer below, then contact us for a comprehensive plan from our team of experts to prevent future unsightly growth.

A Few of Our Most Popular Treatments

Algaecide Treatment – Prevent, control and kill algae growth with an algaecide chemical treatment.

Enzyme Treatment – Remove oils, detergent and dirt by breaking down organic particles for sparkling clean water.

Phosphate Treatment – Cut off algae’s food supply; this treatment manages your pool’s phosphate levels making it harder for algae to grow.

Armed with these facts and the assistance of a strong team of experts, like American Pool, your swimming pool will be crystal clear from opening day to closing day and beyond.

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