The 2018 Staffing & Recruiter Summit

Lifeguard Recruiters

Baltimore, Maryland — American Pool’s Guard for Life program kicked off the 2018-2019 lifeguard recruitment season at our annual recruiting summit on October 2-3. Our lifeguard recruiters come from all over the country to learn how to seek out the “Bold and the Recruitable,” the outstanding lifeguards that make our service possible. During this two-day summit, our recruiters reflect on the previous season and brainstorm new strategies to improve the next year for our lifeguards and the pools they service.

The Mt. Washington Conference Center

Mt. Washington OctogonThis year the recruitment conference was held at the Mt. Washington Conference Center near Baltimore, Maryland. One of the unique features of this property is the historic octagon house, which was built by Rev. Elias Heiner and housed the Mt. Washington Female Seminary from 1855-1861. Later it was part of Mount St. Agnes College for nearly a century before the college became a part of Loyola University in 1971. The building provides the perfect backdrop to a campus dedicated to communication and the sharing of ideas.

Lead By Example

A predominant theme of the conference this year was leading by example. American Pool’s staffing leadership places a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication. Our recruiters and our lifeguards should be part of the solution — that means communicating openly and respectfully. Staff encourage our lifeguards to share their ideas for improvement with us, and we want to reward them for their excellent work.

“We treat our lifeguards with respect and enthusiasm instilling a genuine sense of belonging to our team. Our lifeguards are the face of our company their good work will be recognized and their concerns will be met with care” — Ben Basch

Our 2018 Lifeguard Program Excellence Award Winners

One team that demonstrated these principles was our 2018 Lifeguard Program Excellence Award winners from the Nanuet, NY office. Serving the New York and Northern New Jersey region, this office hired over 1200 guards for the 2018 season! They excelled in providing their lifeguards with a positive culture and demonstrated excellence and integrity throughout their lifeguard training, and payroll management. They also went above and beyond to help other offices. Congratulations to our American Pool Guard for Life team members: Cat Ludwiczak, Hope Chertock, Courtney Pecora, Michael Meeker, and Mike Donofrio!

2018 Lifeguard Program Excellence Winners

Left to right: Cat Ludwiczak, Hope Chertock, Courtney Pecora, Michael Meeker, and Mike Donofrio!