pool trends 2019

These days swimming pools are more than just a place to get wet. Gone are the days of rectangular, concrete, watering holes. Today’s pools are the definition of luxury. Not only do today’s pools exude ambiance and artistry, but they’re also high tech. Here are a few of the best trends in swimming pools that are likely here to stay:

dark surface pools

Dark Interior Pool Finishes

Looking for your a personal lagoon? Darker colors offer a dramatic, sophisticated aesthetic to any pool. A dark pool surface will feel like a natural extension of the landscape around it.  This trend can be incorporated into any pool through resurfacing. Our partner company Pearl Pool Plastering offers a pebble finish that is gorgeous, and will beautifully accomplish this trend in your pool. Plus, this sooth pebble surface is more durable than traditional plaster pools. For a dark pool finish, we recommend Signature Matrix’s Tahoe, Midnight, and Black Magic.

sun shelf

Sun Shelves

Sometimes you just want to relax in the water. A pool ledge or sun shelf can be a wonderful upgrade for any swimming pool. These areas are just deep enough to get wet without having to stand or swim. With or without a chair, they offer a comfortable place to relax, tan, or read, while staying cool. They’re a great place for parents to sit and watch their children too.

infinity pool

Infinity Pools

Feel like your on the edge of the world! Infinity pools, also called wet-edge pools, offer the most captivating views. Water seemingly flows over the edge of these architectural triumphs, creating a visual effect of a pool with no boundaries. Often they are built to blend into to natural surroundings like oceans or lakes, but can also overlook cityscapes when built on rooftops.

single depth pool

Single Depth Pools

These narrow, shallow pools are a swimmers dream. They are a great place to get your laps but are also shallow enough that you can stand no matter where you are in the pool. Water aerobics, anyone? These pools offer modern beauty and economic savings. You’ll spend less time heating a single depth pool. Since heat rises the even depth means faster and more effective heating. Single depth pools also require much less water than traditional pools, and less water to pump and heat means lower swimming pool bills.

saltwater system

Saltwater Chlorination

Salt-water pools offer a disinfection system with fewer side effects than traditionally chlorinated pools. Symptoms like irritated eyes, skin and asthma-like responses to traditional chlorine pools are often due to a build-up of chloramines. A saltwater pool avoids chloramine buildup by providing a continuous supply of chlorine to the pool. Salt is dissolved in the pool through a process called electrolysis, which creates the same hypochlorous acid responsible for disinfection in traditional chlorine-based systems, eliminating the need to buy, store and handle chlorine.

pool automation

Pool Automation

Pool automation is making owning a pool fun again! Here are just a few things pool automation technologies can help you handle with ease from your mobile device:

  • Adjust water temperature by controlling your pool heater
  • Turn your pool pump/filter on or off
  • Manage pool chemical levels
  • Turn on or adjust LED pool lighting
  • Apply or remove covers

By investing in a pool automation system you’ll find yourself saving time, energy and money. You can schedule cleaning and heating at night. Keep your pool clean while you’re away. And spend less on chemicals with automatic testing and chemical management

Whether you’re considering constructing a new pool or updating an existing pool adding one of these pool trends will bring value to any project. American Pool offers a wide range of services to help. Whether it’s resurfacing, remodeling, or replacing dated equipment we can take any pool project from ho-hum to holy cow! Contact us for a free estimate!