energy-efficient pool

As property managers, we’re all looking to save money. Making your pool more energy efficient is a great way to save money long term on pool operating costs, and pool goers will benefit from a healthier pool environment. There are many products available to make your pool more energy efficient. If your planning to make upgrades to your pool in the near future here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

10 ways to make your pool more energy efficient:

  1. Variable Speed Pumps: Pool pumps are the most costly piece of pool equipment when it comes to energy use, so upgrading your pump is the single best investment you can make for energy efficiency. A variable speed pump has built-in timers which allow you to run your pump at different speeds throughout the day.
  2. Pool Automation: There’s plenty of new technology that allows you to control when pool systems run. By adding a pool automation system you’ll be able to control pumps, heaters, and pool lights when energy costs are lower and in some cases only when needed.
  3. LED lighting: LED lights last longer than incandescent or halogen and can save up to 80% on energy costs. It’s a simple solution that can equal big savings.
  4. Darker Finishes: Darker pool finishes absorb the sun’s heat and are a good way to cut down on heating costs in cooler climates.
  5. High-efficiency Heaters: Solar heaters pump your pool’s water through solar panels to heat the water and return it to your pool, and they can mean big savings on gas bills. There are also many other options for heating your pool more efficiently.
  6. Landscaping: This is one you may not have thought of. Planting a hedge can provide an effective means of a windbreak, which can lessen heat loss and decrease water evaporation.
  7. Plumbing: Have a pool professional check to ensure your pool’s pipes aren’t too narrow or including too many tight turns. This could make pumps work harder than necessary.
  8. Filter System Check: Have your pool maintenance technician check and clean your filter system to make sure it’s functioning properly.
  9. Cover Up: Using a pool cover can reduce water evaporation by up to 90%, lowering heating and water replacement costs. Solar covers can also help heat your pool.
  10. Filters: Use larger filters that have a bigger surface area. Your pump can move the same amount of water with less effort. You’ll save money on energy consumption and extend the life of your pump.

An experienced pool professional from American Pool can do a walkthrough of your pool and point out areas that may benefit from energy efficient investments. We’re the knowledgeable experts when it comes to swimming pool management, maintenance, and renovations. Contact us and get an evaluation today!