Outdoor showers largely increase convenience for swimmers. They can help preserve floors, prevent illness, keep pool water cleaner, and more! Most people know it’s important to shower before and after a swim. However, traveling from an inside shower to the pool is often a hassle. Tracking dirt inside and dripping water can be an inconvenience of the past for pool communities with the installation of a pool shower! With the help American Pool’s construction and renovation team, your pool shower will be up and running before you know it! Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to invest in a pool shower.

1.No more tracking dirt and water inside!

After a swim, the transition from outside to inside isn’t easy on your facility. Water drips off of swimmers and outside dirt can attach itself to wet feet. With an outside shower, guests are able to shower off pool chemicals, and dry off before going inside. This helps preserve your property’s floors and carpets that otherwise could be compromised due to trailing water and dirt from outside.

2. Rinse off chlorine!

Chlorine is an important element in the health and safety of most pools. However, it is important that guests rinse off chlorine after swimming. Chlorine that is not properly rinsed can irritate eyes, damage hair, and even fade swimsuits. Installing an outdoor shower makes it convenient for guests to immediately rinse off chlorine after getting out of the pool.

3. Keep pool water cleaner between services!

Not only should you rinse off after swimming, you should also rinse off before getting into the pool. Doing so helps keep your pool water cleaner. American Pool’s maintenance and service professionals are happy to keep your pool vacuumed and clean. With that, rinsing your feet of grass and dirt before getting in the pool helps keep water cleaner between maintenance services. An outdoor shower allows you to do so quickly and conveniently.

4. Prevent illness!

Chlorine works to kill germs and bacteria in pool water. However, depending on the type of bacteria, chlorine may take multiple minutes to kill it. Because chlorine does not always kill bacteria immediately, it’s important to wash away bacteria before getting into a pool. This way, the risk is reduced of swimmers being exposed to such bacteria that are not immediately eliminated by chlorine. An outdoor shower encourages pre-swim showering because of its convenience.

5. Increase convenience for multiple swimmers!

Showering can become a hassle when there is a big group of swimmers. Installing an outdoor shower makes showering possible even if inside showers are occupied. Whether you’re hosting a pool event, or swimmers are simply enjoying the pool with friends and family, the convenience of an outdoor shower makes it so multiple swimmers don’t have to wait as long to rinse off before or after a swim.

Design and build the perfect outdoor shower with American Pool’s construction and renovation professionals. Our team is happy to construct the perfect shower to best compliment your facility’s pool!