Thinking about making your facility more family friendly? Consider adding a splash pad into your renovation plans! A splash pad is typically a zero depth water feature. It engages patrons through a variety of spouts. Depending on the design, the spouts can be located along the floor or incorporated into features. With many theme options and applications, splash pads are highly customizable. Motion sensors can activate nozzles and fountains. With American Pool’s fountain construction and maintenance team, you’ll be able to create a kid-friendly water amenity that will be sure to please!  

Take Time for the Design

When planning a splash pad for your facility, there is a design process. There are system types, features, and sequencing details that need to be covered before construction begins. With the client, we lay the project is out, and explore different options. The final plans at the end of the design collaboration with the client are essential to a successful, budgeted project. Also, these plans are necessary to secure the permits needed to begin construction.  


There’s an incredible range of options available for splash pad features. Your facility can incorporate anything from giant buckets that  dump water from above, to water shooting out of nozzles from the ground. You can also incorporate colorful hoops, arcs, friendly characters, and much more! It’s important to consider age groups of children you want to engage when determining which features to incorporate into your facility’s splash pad.


Sequencing of the water features is a big part of what makes splash pads so much fun for kids! The sequencing can be automated or operated by a controller. Through the controller, your facility can determine the sequence of features and when they are active. Based on your operating and usage plan, you can determine which features should be active, for how long, and at what intensity during a specified period.

System Types

When preparing to have a splash pad installed, you must determine which water system is best for your facility. There are two main systems for splash pads: flow-through and recirculating.

Flow-through system– In a flow-through system, water from a portable source is pumped onto the pad and drained into the storm system. Water treatment or testing required is often not required, because the water gets drained right out instead of recirculating through the features. Water drains from this type of system and is often collected and repurposed for landscape irrigation.

Recirculating system– In a recirculating system, water is collected in an underground tank or reservoir. The tank sends water to the spray pad features, and finally drained back into the collection tank. This cycle continues to repeat as long as the system is operating. Because the water is recycled, this type of system requires filters, pumps, and chemicals to stay clean. This system is more cost effective for commercial facilities because less water is being used. In addition, an automatic fill for the reservoir is still recommended with this system type because water is lost through evaporation and splash out.

Safer Option for Children

Everyone loves the pool, but sometimes small children and their parents may not be ready to take the plunge. Although there are ways to take precautions to maximize pool safety, some parents still feel more comfortable introducing their kids to the water through aquatic play features. Splash pads can also offer a safe, accessible option for children with disabilities, so no one is left out. The kids will love them, and the parents will feel more at ease!

The primary reason splash pads can be safer for small children is that there is usually very little standing water,so there is less risk of drowning. Additionally, slip resistant rubbery finish flooring systems are designed specifically for the aquatic environment. This makes the ground of the play areas softer and more flexible in the event of slips or falls.

It’s encouraged to divide the areas by age group. This is because different features interest kids of different ages. It’s also important to consider that smaller children could accidentally be knocked over by larger kids. Therefore, sectioning the area off by age creates a safer, more engaging experience for all age groups.

Learning Opportunity for Children

A facility that caters to families who have small children should consider ways to implement and promote child development. Parents are highly invested in the development of their children, so their aquatic facility should be too. Water play offers a great sensory activity for small children. Splash pads are an exciting water play option because they are relatively safe and allow kids to experiment with water physics as the spray nozzles turn on and off.

A splash pad is a great addition to any facility looking to be more competitive with other summer attractions and become more family friendly. Our team of professionals would be delighted to explore the possibility of a new splash pad with you! American Pool works with our partner company Specialty Pool and Fountain to design and build water feature projects. Together, we make a great team, and can’t wait to create the perfect splash pad playground for your aquatic facility. Begin your exciting new project with us here!