With pool weather around the corner, it’s time to begin preparing for opening day! Guests are looking forward to enjoying your pool, so make sure your facility’s pool is safe, clean, and ready to swim in. There are a few important necessary steps towards opening your pool, and our experts at American pool have got you covered! Our pool management and services team has the knowledge to properly handle all of these details for you.

Make Necessary Repairs

The first step towards opening your facility’s pool is to check for and complete any necessary repairs. A pool expert should evaluate your pool, and provide a list of recommended repairs and parts needed to complete them. This list of repairs is recommended based on the inspections your pool will need to pass in order to open on time and the overall health and safety of your guests. Trust the experts! American Pool’s staff is full of seasoned Certified Pool Operators and Advanced Service Technicians who know the rules and regulations in your local area.

Pool Drain and Cleaning

If you live in a seasonal area, chances are your pool was closed over the colder winter months. This means you’ll probably need to drain and clean your pool prior to opening day. Depending on the condition of your pool and the contract you have with your service provider, this step could consist of a full drain and clean or the salvaging of the existing pool water.

Filtering and Plumbing

Once the pool has been drained and cleaned it can be filled with water and begin filtering. After your pool water begins filtering, the water can be treated. Once treated, your pool service technician will maintain proper chemical balance and filtering functions for opening day.

Health Inspections

Health inspections are required for aquatic facilities in most states. There are two types of health inspections: full compliance and routine. A routine inspection will check water quality, pool system operations, and overall safety. A full compliance inspection is a more thorough inspection that reviews the pools overall functionality, items required by code, facility safety, and overall condition of the facility. A full compliance inspection is most likely what will take place prior to opening day. A pool professional, like those here at American Pool, can help define and correct all of these issues during an initial inspection for repairs. However, in the rare case of a challenge during an inspection, it’s important to address them with a pool service technician as soon as possible. This way, they can schedule any necessary additional repairs or changes to your pool in a timely manner. At American Pool, it’s important to us that we help you open your pool on time!

Electrical Inspections

During an electrical inspection, the inspector will ensure that your pool facility is properly bonded and grounded. Bonding means that all metal components associated with your pool exist on the same “electrical potential,” meaning the pool’s metal components do not provide an electrical path of least resistance to the ground. Grounding makes sure that electricity brought in through an electrical service panel will follow a controlled path through a circuit and then to an established grounding location. American Pool recommends having a certified electrician perform an electrical inspection of your pool prior to opening day. If you already have a copy of a current bonding and grounding certification you’ll want to share it with your pool service company as part of your opening day discussion.

Poolside Lifeguard Orientation

Most commercial pools need qualified lifeguards! A pool management contract with American Pool means it’s our job to recruit and train quality staff for your community’s pool. We’ll handle guard scheduling and payroll too! We partner with the American Red Cross to train our lifeguards so that they are certified in Lifeguarding, CPR, AED, and First Aid. Our lifeguards simply show up to your facility ready to jump into action! Guest safety is a top priority, and our guards are highly skilled and trained to patrol any pool. We provide a lifeguard orientation prior to opening day so your lifeguards can get acclimated to your facility’s pool.

Pool Heater Activation

If your facility has a pool heater, it’s important to turn it on ahead of time. A standard swimming pool can take up to one week to heat. We’ll turn on your heater when the time is right to take the chill out of the water to ensure your guests’ comfort.

Lab Sample

In some states, a water sample may need to be sent to a lab prior to opening. If a lab sample is required, your pool service technician will sample your pool water and send it to the appropriate place for assessment within 6 days prior to opening day. This may be a required step in the process to open your pool for the season.

The weather is heating up! Before you know it, your guests will be eager to swim, so make sure your facility’s pool ready! There are multiple important steps towards safely opening any pool. Our experts at American Pool have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your pool is safe, clean, and ready to swim in by opening day. Leave it to us! Contact us here to begin the process!