24 lifeguards posing for group photo as confetti falls from above

At American Pool, WE APPRECIATE OUR GUARDS! Our lifeguards work hard all season and deserve to be celebrated. Long hours spent under the sun patrolling the pool calls for much needed recognition. Every year at American Pool, we host Lifeguard Appreciation Week in celebration of our lifeguards. This year the celebrations will begin on July 21 and continue through July 28. We can’t wait to show our guards how much they mean to us!

During Lifeguard Appreciation Week, our offices host events like pizza parties, ice cream socials, and movie nights for our guards. In addition to the special events that each office hosts, we also have raffles and awesome giveaway prizes! This is our way of saying THANK YOU to our guards for their hard work.

This week is so important to our American Pool community. Lifeguard Appreciation Week builds relationships between our guards and staff. It is vital to our American Pool culture, separating us from our competition. For our guards, American pool is not just a summer job, it’s a community. This culture is just one of the reasons our guards continue to return each season and refer their friends!  Lifeguard Appreciation Week is a time for office staff and recruiters to join in the fun too. Sometimes stepping away from the office during our busiest season can be a challenge, but our lifeguards are an essential part of our business. We simply couldn’t serve our customers without them.

We have the BEST lifeguards, and they deserve to be celebrated. If your facility is in need of qualified, dedicated lifeguards, we’ve got you covered! Learn more about our lifeguard management services here