Reopening Your Pool in Summer 2020: Prevention

This is the first of four articles covering American Pool’s response to COVID-19 reopenings. We encourage you to read our other articles found here: Prevention Disinfection Physical Distance Protections for Staff --- Summer is in full swing and people are growing increasingly restless as they want to get out and enjoy the great weather. As [...]

Now Offering Virtual Poolside Inspections

American Pool is closely monitoring developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and as always, safety is our first priority when we serve you. We want to make sure you are in the best position possible when it comes time to open your pool up for the season. In order to continue meeting the necessary deadlines, we [...]

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5 Ways to Save More Energy for Your Swimming Pool

Nobody wants a green pool — unless you’re referring to energy efficiency. If that’s the case, then you’re reading the right blog! Reducing energy usage has become a big focus for the industry, but that doesn’t mean you need an extra arm and leg to make it affordable. Here are some simple ways for your [...]

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American Pool Spotlight: Our 2019 Leadership Award Winners

Presidents Award We are proud to announce that our 2019 President’s Award goes to Phil Carter from American Pool Maryland. Each year our organization recognizes excellence through our Corporate Awards program and the President’s Award is the highest distinction of the program.  The President’s Award began in 1998 as a way to acknowledge staff members [...]

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2019 Driver’s Meeting | Entering the New Year With 2020 Vision

In January of 2020, our American Pool leaders gathered in Atlantic City, NJ for the annual Driver’s Meeting. Each year, our leaders join forces during a two-day conference to discuss the previous year’s accomplishments and challenges. Now that American Pool and affiliates have been organized under The Amenity Collective, the meeting had a more holistic [...]

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American Pool Enterprises, LLC Is a Partner Under the Amenity Collective

We have some exciting news about a recent behind-the-scenes change in our organization. As a forward-thinking company, we not only pay attention to the needs of our clients today but also our opportunity to better serve them in the future. This is the mindset that continues to create advantages and opportunities for all of us [...]

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A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

As the 2019 calendar year came to a close, American Pool professionals from as far away as Texas and New York State assembled to participate in training sessions over the week of December 16 in Maryland and New Jersey. While the expansion of the organization poses logistical challenges for pulling all of the operating teams [...]

We Have 2020 Vision When It Comes To Lifeguard Recruiting

American Pool’s Guard for Life recruiting and training programs celebrated the kick-off of the 2020 lifeguard season at our annual Recruiter Summit. Our lifeguard recruiters and leaders from all over the country gathered to review the summer of 2019 and bring their 2020 vision into better focus. During this two-day summit, our recruiters reflected on [...]

Avoiding Pool Equipment Corrosion

Swimming pool equipment corrosion or rusting is inevitable, given the ongoing exposure to water and pool chemicals, but the process can be slowed. Rust is a form of corrosion affecting iron and iron alloys including steel. Corrosion can affect other metals but may not be referred to as rust. Rust and corrosion are destructive forces [...]

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Sparkling Pool Services Joins American Pool

On the heels of the 2019 summer pool season, American Pool integrated Sparkling Pool Services into it's New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware service areas. On October 4, 2019, after careful consideration, the two companies closed the deal to set the merger in motion. The opportunity to build a stronger combined organization to serve the marketplace [...]

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