Company Initiatives

The initiatives below are programs that have been executed company-wide. Each program is born out of our desire to improve our company and the services we provide.

Safety Auditor Program

American Pool’s safety auditor program helps to ensure that the safety of pool patrons. This program includes periodic, unannounced on-site evaluations to check lifeguards’ skills, re-mediate issues as needed, create positive public relations and recognize what it means to have a safe pool environment.

Independent auditors conduct these unannounced on-site evaluations. These auditors will test lifeguards on injury prevention, patron surveillance, rescue skills, breathing/cardiac emergency skills and first aid skills. They also perform certification checks, uniform checks, inspection of safety equipment and general safety checklist of items.

These visits are recorded in an audit report and communicated to the facility owner. This challenging yet rewarding program has been in effect since 2005 and with the help of our highly-trained Lifeguard Safety Auditors, we are able to audit over 2,000 lifeguards a year.

The following is executed at every safety audit:

  • Safety Consult
  • Observe lifeguard surveillance skills
  • Monitoring and testing lifeguard skills
  • Remediate
  • Check certifications
  • Uniform check
  • Inspect safety equipment
  • General safety check
  • Report audit

Environmental Policy

As an EPA Sustainability Partner, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment by raising our operating standards. It is our belief that reducing the burden on our local and regional environments is an important aspect of the industry and we are committed to accomplishing this.

We encourage green methods, such as the use of energy efficient heaters and pumps, look to reduce the volume of potable water used at field locations, conserve resources to reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate the amount of construction waste and reduce the amount of disinfectants we transport and store.