Also Known As: Certified Pool Operator

A CPO or Certified Pool and Spa Operator has received extensive training in how to operate and manage a pool or spa.

There are two ways to receive this certification: a two-day (16-hour) course or an online primer along with a one-day (8-hour) course. Topics covered, include pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automated feeding equipment and government regulations. The certification is valid for five years and requires an open-book evaluation.

Introduced in 1972 by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, nearly 350,000 individuals in 86 countries have received CPO certification. It is recognized and accepted by many state and local health departments. In some jurisdictions, all public water facilities must have access to a CPO or some other certified pool professional.

An on staff CPO is critical for the hospitality industry hotels, swim centers, water parks and community centers that have an aquatic element. Having an onsite knowledge source available to respond to equipment and chemical issues if critical for the overall safety and wellness of all patrons.