Deck Replacement

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A pool deck can be constructed of a variety of materials — from wood to concrete to tile. Therefore, the process of replacing the deck will depend on the materials used. Commercial swimming pool building code dictates the type of material that can be used.

To replace a deck, first remove the existing materials. Concrete can be removed using a sledge or jackhammer depending on the size of the defective area. Coping and information tile can be broken up with a hammer and then removed. Wood decks can be pulled apart, piece by piece. Once the old deck is removed, clear the debris and carefully level the surface. The new deck can then be installed.

In the long run, it may be more cost effective and efficient to hire professionals for this work. For safety and aesthetic reasons, the deck must be smooth but non-slip and level with the proper pitch as per code. When a deck slopes inappropriately, water can pool and cause damage. Also, length and width of deck is critical to meet building code and ADA requirements

Instead of replacement, a concrete deck can be resurfaced, as long as its overall integrity is acceptable. Various colors and even stamped designs can disguise any harmless cracks that appear on the surface. A concrete deck with no cracks but excessive settling can be leveled using processes called slabjacking or foam jacking.